Pay Up (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 18

Councilor Chum made it to the island in record time.  Calen grunted in approval.  She must have impressed him because the councilor was a busy man.

"I see my source was correct about you, Ms. Natari.  I assume your urgent message means you've been successful."

"I've completed your task.  You'll find the body of a spy behind that rock over there.  I hope you're not squeamish.  Next to the body you'll find a transmission device.  I've checked the internal records and they date back several years, all sent from this planet to various Imperium controlled planets.  You'll find a list of other potential spies here," she handed him the data pad she had obtained from the resistance.

"Good work," the councilor said as he scrolled through the list of names.  "You realize that you have potentially just changed the tides of history, Ms. Natari."

Calen shrugged.  "I care little for your political squabbles.  Make no mistake: I'd take the same type of assignment for the Imperium."

Chum studied her for a moment with his expressionless eyes.  "Perhaps.  You may also end up changing your mind about the Imperium.  They are not a forgiving sort when mistakes are made."

Calen put her hands on her hips.  "I don't make mistakes very often," she said.  It was not a boast.

"No.  I suppose not.  Well, either way, I am grateful for your services.  You've become a wealthy woman today, Ms. Natari.  I'll put the word out in the right ear as well.  You'll find job requests a bit easier to come by in the future."

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